How it works

From origination through maturity

PREF-X enable members to optimize and secure the operational processes surrounding the origination and the management of private debt instruments. Information required to close a transaction and to manage it until expiry is shared, tracked and stored on the platform.


The collaboration organized by PREF-X improve the efficiency of the process. PREF-X aim to become the preferred solution for managing the Euro PP process and other private placements debt transactions from pitch to maturity.

Arrangers define the terms of the transaction with the borrowers, contact investors, negotiate contracts between the different parties and finalize the terms of the transaction.

Borrowers choose their interlocutors and provide them with the legal and financial information required at the various stages of the process and until the maturity of the transaction. The confidentiality of the transaction is improved.

Investors get direct access to the borrowers and to the relevant on an ongoing basis. Their decision-making processes and the operational monitoring of their investment portfolio is significantly improved.

Information agents and lawyers provide their input through the platform and have privileged access to relevant information. Their interaction with their interlocutors is streamlined.

Why market participants choose PREF-X?


The design process covers operation from initial discussions to deal maturity with specific users’ profiles for arrangers, borrowers, investors, lawyers and agents. The process has been developed by industry professionals and is based on market best practices. KYC process is handled and simplified. Audit trails are available.


Various types of format may be uploaded. All documents are stored securely in one place and are easily accessible by authorized users. The borrower manages and controls the information flow with each relevant stakeholder. A help desk is available to members and the service is offered in SAAS mode.


IT servers are hosted by data centers located in Western Europe. The system is equipped with SSL certificate provides authentication, confidentiality and integrity. Procedures for data protection are in place:  database access auditing, backup system, file retention periods, documents encrypted and access history.


The dialogue between the borrower and the investor is organized. Customized deadlines reminders are set-up and alerts are issued facilitating the respect of the contract’s timelines. Documents consultation and downloading are tracked using water marks and automatic versions ‘numbering. Additional personalized functionalities may be developed by PREF-X upon request.