A team of market professionals willing to contribute to the financing of real economy

The ambition of PREF X’s founders is to professionalize and strengthen the efficiency of the private placement debts markets. They wish to collaborate with all participants to become the preferred innovative solution for managing the private placement process from pitch to maturity. Additionally, they want to bring closer the financial market industry to the sustainable economy thanks to an original governance structure and a Company’s profits sharing mechanism.


By being connected to a secured environment, participants optimize time and save money; they meet their regulatory compliance obligations

PREF-X standardize, enhance the operational processes related to the origination and the management of a private placement transaction. The distribution of sensitive information is secured and managed proactively. The rigorous framework speeds-up the administrative process, reduces operational risk and increases regulatory compliance for all categories of participants.


Simple, safe, efficient, exhaustive

PREF-X establish a direct connection between the borrower and its investors through the life of the transaction. The platform is accessible to all players in the Private Placement market.  The dialogue is organized through the set-up of individual user’s profile for arrangers, borrowers, investors, lawyers and agents. Process steps are digitalized to guide and facilitate the management of the transaction.


The strategic partners that support the project.


The capital markets have not seen the same degree of automation witnessed in other market sectors. This is about to change. The onward march of technology, in a marketplace increasingly shaped by the waves of regulation since the financial crisis, means further structural change is inevitable....

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